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25th Harajuku Fashion Walk on Flickr.
20 Jul 14 at 2 am

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20 Jul 14 at 1 am

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20 Jul 14 at 12 am


hahaha :D some ppl at dA sent me this post.
I was surprised. and then I saw the number of notes… and I was shocked. over 19k notes in 3 days?! I still can’t believe.
to be honest I don’t think I’m popular. I don’t draw to be popular. just for fun (alright, for money too…). don’t want to be one of artist who beg for attention or sth… that’s why I’m happy that so many ppl like what I’m drawing c: it makes me proud of myself. (I’m still not as good as ppl I admire but hope one day I’ll be.)
thanks guys for everything, you made my night c:
= Fuki =

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